I still can’t believe I’m finally in Ireland!!!

We had quite a time of getting here though…..we were put in a waiting cycle on the flight to Chicago, adding on an hour to that ride.  Then we waited at the airport for 3 hours for the air conditioning to get fixed on our plane for Dublin.  After 6 hours of squealing and howling toddler, we finally arrived in Dublin at 11am on Thursday, July 8.

Our first stop was the hotel, then we raced to Trinity College since we were late for our tour.  On our way we walked along Moore Street Market where they still bring in produce and flowers by horse! I felt like Eliza Doolittle and even burst into song at one point :)  We followed O’Connell Street across the River Liffey to Trinity College.

The first thing we noticed walking through the entrance into the courtyard was the campanile, the bell tower.  It stands in the center of the courtyard and has a statue on either side.  There are four female statues around the top representing the first four women accepted into the college and the first four areas of study in Trinity College.  There are two bells inside, one rings for each hour and for commons, but the other only rings on two occasions-final examinations and deaths.  They joke that it rings for “examination by man or examination by God”.

We also saw the “Sphere within a Spehere” by Arnaldo Pomodoro.  From one side it looks like pacman, but from the other…it looks like the Death Star!! awesome

The most exciting part of Trinity College is by far the library! the ground floor houses 2 of the 4 Books of Kells.  The other 2 are kept in one of the other student only buildings and they frequently go back and forth between the two places so visitors can see all 4 gospels.  The second and third floors were my favorite part….the HUGE library that houses a copy of every book published since 1801 in the United Kingdom and Ireland….let’s just say I almost didn’t leave!

Next a group of students and the teachers headed to Bewley’s for afternoon tea.  I actually tried some tea and enjoyed it!!  Afterwards we strolled through St. Stephen’s Green Park, Temple Bar, and across the Ha’penny Bridge.

It was rainy and cloudy allll day :))