July 11

Well, this morning we went to the airport after breakfast to head to London!!

at the airport...can you tell we are in literature classes? :)

As with any kind of traveling/airports, there were many time delays so not much has happened today.  We had to get our BritRail passes validated which took up quite a large chunk of time.  We wouldn’t have stressed over it too much  except for the fact that we have to catch an 8am train tomorrow morning for Canterbury…and that’s not just early…but it’s rush hour too….anyways we then continued on our way to the dorms at Imperial College…right in the middle of London.  We barely had time to drop our bags before we had to be back up in the lobby for my Oxford Christians class immediately followed by my Brit Lit class.  By this point it was already 6pm…I didn’t have a chance to eat at the airport due to the need to prepare for my classes this evening.  So as soon as both of my classes were over, I went with a few of the other students in my class to go find a quick bite to eat and watch the last game of the world cup. I didn’t stay for the whole game (obvious by the time I am posting this) because it was hot in the restaurant, and we just wanted to grab something sweet before heading off to bed.  We stopped at Wafflemiester on the way back to the dorm, it was great :)

I would love to get online and chat with everyone, but it is almost 10pm, and I have to be up at 6am as well as be prepared for my classes tomorrow in Canterbury….joy…