July 15

Today is our last day in London :( but we will be back! we began the day by visiting the tower of London. Here we walked by the gate that Elizabeth I was brought through, heavily guarded on her way to the tower. She was sent there by her sister Mary for supposedly supporting the Protestants against the Catholic Mary. She apparently gave quite a rousing speech to her 24 guards before she stepped out of the boat, reaffirming that she fully supported her sister, and won over her guards to be her personal protectors. Next we went in to see the crown jewels….absolutely, breathtakingly gorgeous!!! Since we couldn’t take pictures, for obvious reasons, I got a book :) Lets just say there was more gold and diamonds and rare jewels than I could ever afford, even if I lived to be a hundred years old….they were B-E-A-U-tiful!!!!

Then we went to see some forms of torture in the tower….repusling yet interestingly terrifying….we also saw the field where King Henry VIII had 3 queens and 4 other traitors beheaded. After Queen Victoria visited she requested there be a plaque to remember them by and so they built a monument for Anne Boleyn.

Next we visited St. Paul’s Cathedral. It was beautiful inside!! It has one very outstanding fact though, you can climb to the top of the dome! It is a total of 500 steps, 240 to the first inside balcony, another 120 to the middle outdoor balcony, and a final 150 steps to the very top outdoor balcony! I only made it up to the second balcony (thank you asthma), but my brave, yet claustrophobic and height fearing, friends Lauren and Jordan made it to the top!! I’m so proud!! We decided to stay for Evensong, which was just beautiful. It is a choral service with prayers. The church creates the loveliest echoes and a feeling of being surrounded by the Spirit!

It was a wonderful experience!
afterwards we went to see Henry IV Part 1 at the rebuilt Globe Theater. I really enjoyed how they kept the atmosphere of the original theater. Honestly though, I didn’t understand a thing that happened, except what Jordan very kindly explained to me….being a very visual learner has its downsides….