July 19

Not much has happened the last few days.  Basically we have all just been catching up from our nonstop traveling of the last week and a half and exploring Oxford for ourselves.  We have had dinner in the Great Hall every night which is quite an experience! Today I went antique shopping with Lauren and Jordan and we found a huge antique store that we will definitely return to!

We did officially begin our rigorous class schedules today…my Brit Lit class is at 8:10 every morning! yikes! But, I must say, I did enjoy Oxford Christians today.  We were discussing the second half of The Return of the King by JRR Tolkien, and instead of being cooped up in a classroom, we had a picnic! Christ Church has lovely gardens, so we found two big trees with soft grass beneath them for our class. It was wonderful! It really put us in a similar mood and setting to Tolkien when he wrote his books! so much fun!