Sorry for the lack of bloggage lately….I’ve been super busy with class and just spending quality time with my new friends on the trip :)

Ke'Leigh, myself, Jordan, and Lauren

We went to Stonehenge on Tuesday which was very exciting! I know, it’s just a pile of rocks, you say. But they make for quite interesting pictures and…well…it is known worldwide.  But it is quite mind boggling just talking about them in an Art History class, and to actually see them and ponder the mystery is quite and experience!

Otherwise, we haven’t been on any adventures.  Lauren and I just planned our weekend adventures for our group…but I will just keep that a surprise for you! Lets just say it’s going to be a blast!!

Well I am in desperate need of sleep, even at the cost of further procrastinating with my essay….but I can’t think much anymore…haha