July 24

Today Jordan, Lauren, Dalton and I took a day trip to Bath.  It was such a cute town!!  First we visited the Roman Baths…it was SO cool!! Granted there were a TON of people there, but it was still awesome!! then we were just walking around the city and found this amazing park! there was a pound entry fee but it was sooo worth it! we ended up lounging in their chairs for hours and hours! we fed the birds and made friends with 2 ducks and a seagull :)

then we went to the abbey in Bath.  This is where the first King of England was crowned-King Edgar.  This cathedral had some beautiful stained glass windows and an amazing organ.  we ran into one of our professors at the church, who stayed for Evensong with us. (the daily, evening “worship” service of the Anglicans) Afterwards she took all of us out to dinner…wow! She chose the place and it was so nice…and she insisted on paying!! it was so generous of her, especially since she also insisted we each get dessert…that totaled up to about 20 pounds per person!! it was an amazing day!!