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July 23

Well as soon as we got out of class, Lauren and I planned a trip to Windsor castle.  We ended up having 11 people total…that’s a lot to coordinate! So we get to Windsor Castle, where we thought our British Heritage passes would get us in for free…but they don’t. We would have to pay 14.50L WITH a student ID, which not everyone brought.  So I sacrificed touring the castle (but I will return!) and instead we walked around the castle wall and took pictures.

Then since we were already out and about, we left for London to find Abbey Road.  This was quite an adventure since the maps I had were not very helpful in judging distances.  We ended up walking the entire length of Abbey Road from the tube station! lol But is was worth it, we got to really see London! But sadly, the cross walk is on a very busy road so only a few of us were able to get pictures while I was busy figuring out where we were headed next.  My friends Lauren and Jordan got a good picture : http://bearsneurope.wordpress.com/

We went to the Beatles store, which was closer to central London then headed back to the lovely Oxford and The Eagle and Child Pub.  This is where many of the meetings of the “inklings” took place.  For those of you unaware, the “inklings” was a group started by CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien and friends that would meet every week and discuss their writings.