July 30

Yes we did go to Bath…again! It is just so quaint and pretty! We were also told of the awesomeness of the Roman Baths at night with the torches lit :) Before the Baths, we visited Jane Austen’s house, the Circus

The Circus

and the Crescent

the Crescent

(both Neoclassical buildings from the glory days of Bath).  We also returned to our favorite park by the river to feed the birds…we came prepared this time with bread, unlike last time when we fed them PB&J….lol

At one point while we were sitting in the grass reading, something Terrible happened….a BEE crawled under my leg and for NO reason AT ALL decided to sting me!!! the audacity!! But now I know that I am not allergic to bees….I guess that’s a good thing….

We had dinner at a cute little riverside cafe before heading off to see the Roman Baths in the dark…it was even more amazing than the first time!!