August 5

Today we traveled to Edinburgh (pronounced Edinber-o).  The first 2 hours were spent in class for Oxford Christians, one half of the class for the first, and the other half for the second hour.  The rest of the 4 hour train ride was spent being productive as a group.  Dalton was working on his Christian Heritage paper and extra credit, Lauren and Jordan spent a little bit of time on their Missions and Empire essay, and we all worked on our Oxford Christians essay outlines.  Once we got to the train station we had to wait in a terribly long line for a taxi to our lodgings for the evening…

We spent the evening wandering along the Royal Mile-this is an old street that is full of fun pubs, stores, and historic buildings.  It was especially exciting since the Fringe (dramatic) festival is currently taking place in Edinburgh.  There were tons of people in the street and many street performers.