Well it’s been 4 weeks of class already! My, how time flies!  I have had absolutely no time to relax and my schedule is covered in writing :o

So far my intermediate accounting class has had a 25 hour individual project (CAST), that we are now learning how to do in a computer system for my accounting information systems class. It’s fun, but a LOT of work! My combinatorics class is ridiculous…just look at that name…theater and marketing are a joke, but I have friends in both classes so they aren’t so bad :) Other than school, I have been super busy as I am now the leader of the 1st and 2nd GAs and am a head teacher for a 2nd grade sunday school class.  But I have been able to grow closer to my friends at Columbus Avenue Baptist Church.  This weekend we had a connection weekend.  There were 65 students and a few adults and we all crammed into a 4 bedroom ranch house an hour south of Waco…it was awesome! :)

On the sports arena, been to both home football games, which we won, but today we lost to TCU in FW…sad day :( I have also been to watch a few ultimate frisbee games.  My friend Maddee from Oxford loves to play, so I’ve been out to watch with her a few times.  She just tried out for the club team on an injured ankle, but I think she will make it!!

My friend Lauren from Oxford and I have gotten to spend some time together as well, and I am so grateful to have met her! She is an awesome Christian woman who not only challenges me in my walk, but who I understand almost as well as myself! She is such a blessing from God! Anyways, she and her roommates and a few other friends and I will be having a weekly Bible study.  We are going to start out talking through A shepherd’s look at Psalm 23. I am so excited!!

We definitely serve an AWESOME God!!