Most of you may not know this, but these Collins girls get pretty vicious when it comes to parking their bikes at the art building.  They will do whatever it takes, even if that involves throwing their bike on top of others, prying other bikes away from theirs to unlock theirs…you get the drift. So the fender on my back wheel was no longer connected to the wheel, just to the bike.  This understandably caused some awkward noises as I was riding my bike back today.  I resolved to fix the problem straight away :)

So, having absolutely no experience whatsoever with fixing bikes, I enthusiastically jumped in! My project turned into not only removing the fender, but removing the wheel in order to completely take off the fender and cleaning the chain, and filling up the tires with more air.  It was quite an experience! I can proudly say that the only thing I had to look up was how to loosen the back brake :) Below is a picture mid process…notice the AWESOME pink toolbox!!