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end of the day,
as the sun meets
the earth in bright arrays of color,
my ship comes sailing into the harbor.
In need
of repairs
and a helper,                                                        You are there.                                                                Your dock
has a place especially                                          for me.                                                          It is here that
I am patched up, and strengthened for the next day.  Here I am restocked and filled
with gifts from you.  I am reminded of how important my job is for You.
My work may seem insignificant, my accomplishments small,
but You do not compare me to them.  I am at the top of your thoughts
and there is no expense spared for me.
When the day is dark and grey, your harbor is safe.  Your protection is all I need.  There may be no sun for days, there may be no end to the storm, but I am confident that you are there.  You are my sun.