The Princess Leia in me couldn’t resist posting this.

Unlike milk, Star Wars just gets better with age.  This is being clearly displayed by 2 upcoming events.

1. One of my favorite little boys is having a Star Wars themed party for his 4th Birthday.  Pictures will be coming, especially given that his mother is extremely creative…for example the drinks will be “Yoda Soda”, “Dr. Darth Vadar”, and “Diet Dr. Darth Vadar” (Sprite and Dr. Pepper)

2. They are bringing back episodes I, II, and III to the big screen.  In 3D.  While I do prefer the original series to be first, the younger generations seem to want the story in chronological order.  In my opinion, the story line and dialogue are far superior in the originals, but the cinematography is inevitably better in the newest episodes.

That being said, I will watch the original episodes immediately leading up to the 3D showing in order to experience them in the optimal order.

Who’s with me??

Who's your daddy?