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Anyone else remember that song by Rebecca Black? If you want a reminder, or somehow missed all the hullaballo about it, here it is:

Her voice is not even worth my time, but I actually felt like singing it today!

These 5 day weeks of the exact same classes, every singe day, 1 hour and 40 minutes long, are starting to get to us!

You see, as undergraduate accounting majors at Baylor, we didn’t have classes on Fridays.  O Happy Day! (Granted, we used Fridays to be at the library when it opened to get our favorite spots, but that’s beside the point!)

Today, a few people missed our 8:30am class because they missed their alarms.  And our professor had to work hard to rally us in the beginning, because we were still half asleep, and after the 1 hour mark, because we couldn’t focus any longer.

As we left our last class of the day, we were the epitome of accounts worldwide.  We were making plans for the weekend.  Not for hanging out, or partying, or relaxing. We were discussing when and how much we are planning on studying over the weekend for our test next Thursday and when we are planning to work on our tax returns due a week from Monday.

Party at the Library!!