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Saturday, I helped out at Invitation to Excellence.  This is an invitation only weekend at Baylor for National Merit Semi Finalists and other high achieving students.  The last day (Saturday) the closing session is a panel of current students answering questions.

All during the day, students and parents could text in questions for us to answer.  Right before we went on stage, we were given the question, “If Baylor didn’t exist anymore, what would be missing?”  They wanted to know if we would feel comfortable answering that.

First inclination, no, we can’t answer that!

On second thought, I think I have an answer.

The Baylor Family.

There is something special about the community that grows out of studying and growing together spiritually.  I know this exists at other schools, but I have personally experienced the Baylor family. As a 3rd generation Baylor student, I grew up taking this for granted.  Having been at Baylor for 4 years, I have truly felt it.

I have also seen it begin to develop in the freshmen each year through Welcome Week and Line Camp.  Not only do these experiences create a strong bond for the freshmen, but also for the upperclassmen leaders, faculty, and staff during these events.

The Baylor Family is not just the students.  It has arms that embrace the students, facutly, staff, and alumni around the world, as well as the community surrounding Baylor.