I thought work was going to be “all business” all the time.  I have been proven wrong! Some of the interns and I bonded during our first week of training, and now our cubicles are all in the same area.  We started out working pretty seriously the second week.  But when my buddy, who is a first year associate, hacked my communicator on my laptop when I left it unlocked, the pranks began! Here are a few of them:

We will hack your communicator if you don’t lock your laptop.

Brad will make your laptop act as if it is frozen.

Brad has a drawer of the free snacks they gave us during training, and we sometimes move that stash around without telling him.

I came in one morning and was told I had to move to a different cubicle.

In Brad’s office there is a whiteboard where we write/draw our daily theme.  So far we have had Five O’clock Friday, Transcendent Tuesday, Thrilling Thursday, and more.

Needless to say, I love the environment and the fun we get to have (as long as we do actually get real work done too!)